Fiesta Style Dinners

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Combos include choice of one filling per item; served with choice of flour or corn tortillas.
All dinners are served with refried beans & Spanish rice unless specified otherwise.
Extra cheese, sauce, lettuce or tomato -.79 each item. Double fillings - .99 per item.
Extra filling for fajitas or quesadillas - 3.89
Add soup or salad to your dinner for an additional 2.99.
(No substitutions or split dinners)

    • Fiesta Style Dinners

    • Chimichanga Dinner

      A delicious & filling choice! A large flour tortilla filled with seasoned shredded beef or chicken, rolled & deep fried, then topped with our flavorful sour cream sauce & melted cheese; served with Spanish rice & refried beans. 13.89 For a smaller appetite, Lunch Chimichanga. 10.29

    • Fajitas Dinner

      Marinated strips of steak or chicken, grilled with sautéed onions & peppers; served with sour cream, shredded cheese & guacamole. 18.39 | Also available with marinated & grilled Shrimp. 19.89 | Lunch Fajita 12.39

    • Flautas Dinner

      4 crisp, rolled corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of spiced, shredded chicken or beef, topped with queso & garnished with sour cream and upon request guacamole. 13.89

    • Loco Combo Dinner

      2 entrees + 1 side item 15.39
      3 entrees + 1 side item 18.89

      Entree Choices:
      Tostada, Burrito, Enchilada, Taco, Tamale or Mini Chimi. Mini Burrito Supreme additional 1.19

      Side Item Choices:
      Refried Beans and or Rice, Steak Fries, Onion Rings, Borracho Beans, Cup of Soup or Side Garden Salad

    • Meatless Dinner

      No Carne! Served with one bean tostada, one traditional cheese & onion enchilada & Spanish rice. 14.89

    • Mexican Plate

      An old family recipe! Choice of cubed beef or pork in seasoned gravy; served with refried beans & melted cheese, Plus a taco of your choice. 16.79

    • Quesadilla Dinner

      A tasty grilled Grande flour tortilla filled with cheese & your choice of marinated & grilled
      chicken or steak. 15.89 Shrimp Quesadilla Dinner 17.89

    • Regular Dinner

      A classic La Fiesta dinner combo of one soft or crisp taco, one traditional cheese & onion enchilada. 14.59

    • Special Dinner

      Ay caramba! One soft or crisp taco, one traditional enchilada stuffed with onion & cheese, one tamale with chili. 17.89

    • Street Taco Dinner

      Corn tortillas with choice of Fajita tacos or traditional tacos. Topped with cilantro and diced onions. Beans and rice on the side. Avocado slices optional.

      Fajita tacos:
      Steak, chicken, shrimp or fish with grilled vegetables and melted white cheese 13.89

      Traditional Tacos:
      Steak, Chicken, Shrimp or fish 13.89

    • Tamale Dinner

      José’s recipe! Three plump tamales filled with seasoned pork & topped with Chili Con Carne & melted cheese. 14.89

    • Tostada Dinner

      Two flat, crisp corn tortillas topped with refried beans, ground beef, melted cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. 14.39 Single Tostada Dinner 9.39